Skater XL pulls some of your favorite skaters into the matrix in new video

by: Eric -
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Skater XL, the new skateboarding game franchise, is gearing up for its July 28 launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (with Nintendo Switch coming at a later date). 

Today, the team behind the game released this cool video, showcasing how they digitized skate pros like Tom Asta, Tiago Lemos and Even Smith into the game. That rig they have set up looks like it is about to warp these guys into a different dimension.

Pretty cool, right? There's a slight peek at the gameplay included in the video as well. Skater XL looks to be fairly grounded in reality, with few of the superheroics that show up in games that are more in the Tony Hawk mold. Take a look at this video for a closer examination of the gameplay and one of the maps: