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Get Superhot: Mind Control Delete in your Task Manager for free

by: Randy -
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I'm trying to come up with a better pitch than "If you own Superhot then you get Superhot: Mind Control Delete for free," but I'm not able to come up with one. But that's the deal, straight up. If you've already bought the game—not gotten it in a giveaway or in a subscription service like Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus—then you can download Mind Control Delete on July 16, its launch date. You may notice that's still a few days away. Superhot Team would like to encourage you to buy Superhot as soon as possible so you can get Mind Control Delete for free. Otherwise, you'll be paying full retail for it should you decide to buy it later.

The video has a fast-scrolling set of stipulations (sort of) at the end of the trailer. Since you can't read that fast, here's the text:

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a standalone game set in the world of Superhot. Events depicted in the game might connect to those from Superhot but knowledge of the game is not required, thought it might be beneficial for the user. Mind Control Delete started out as a free, standalone expansion to Superhot (not to be confused with Superhot VR as it is an entirely different entity). Its aim was to give more of Superhot experience to people who already bought it. Mind Control Delete was in development for the past 3 years becoming its own thing—a game bigger and bolder than its predecessor. The scope changed but the conviction to give it away for free to owners of Superhot stayed the same. Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be given away for free to everyone who acquired Superhot before July 16, 2020, in a legal way and not as part of a free giveaway fo any sorts. If you purchased Superhot for Xbox One, then you should expect a system message with a voucher to activate your free copy of Mind Control Delete within a few days of July 16. If your copy of Superhot was purchased on other stores and for other platforms then you'll need to email us your receipt (freemcdplease@superhotgame.com) and we'll provide you with a DRM-free copy of Mind Control Delete. In order to get you rfree copy you must have purchased Superhot before July 16, 2020, and, as said, it must be bought, not received through giveaway such as Xbox Games With Gold. If you're reading this before release, buy Superhot as soon as possible to get your free copy of Mind Control Delete. You won't regret it. After the release of Superhot: Mind Control Delete it will be purchasable as a separate game. We will have wonderful bundles for you if you want to qcquire all Superhot games. Remember that. More and updated information is always available on our world wide website: superhotgame.com/mcd-release-faq.

Pretty generous. To reiterate one important point for you VR folks, though, this offer isn't for previous owners of just Superhot VR. That's a different entity, as they state above.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a higher-praised action game in the last four years, though. Just saying the name will get any number of people in your Slack chat chanting the phrase, "Super. Hot. Super. Hot," over and over again. Time to become one of the initiated, I suppose.