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Superliminal comes to consoles

by: Rob -
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We haven't actually talked about Superliminal since before the PC version even had a firm release date. Well, while the game finally landed on the Epic Games Store in November as a timed exclusive, it is now making the jump to consoles still ahead of that PC exclusivity even being up. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch have all gotten the game and it is also at a 20% off discount on the latter two storefronts. Still full price on PSN, womp womp, but at only $20 it's not the end of the world. The console versions have been updated with achievements/trophies, hidden rooms, and other secrets. 

Superliminal is a first-person puzzler and can be a bit difficult to describe, but the trailer below does an excellent job showing how perspective ends up being the key to unlocking the game's many puzzles. It's a little bit Portal as you move from exit to exit, level to level, and a little bit Stanley Parable as the whole thing is set in a wild lucid dream.