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Summer is here, that means Sun's Out Buns Out for Overcooked 2

by: Rob -
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Sun's Out Buns Out is the free DLC for Overcooked 2. It introduces two new canine chefs, two new dishes for the menu, and five new levels to play through. The DLC is free for all players and available now. The Sun’s Out Buns Out update re-introduces the sauce dispensers from the previous DLC, Carnival of Chaos, and includes new hazards of it's own like like fireworks. Fireworks in the kitchen? Rarely a good combo.

I've not gotten a chance to play Overcooked 2 yet myself. My brother in law absolutely adores it and I've put hours into the original and had a fantastic time. So it's great to see the sequel continuing to be supported and at a great price, free! One of these days it'll push to the top of my unplayed pile, maybe this DLC will do just that...