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Surprise! Just Shapes & Beats drops on Stadia today!

by: Eric -
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I was just wondering this morning if Stadia would release any new games this week, beyond the previously announced four-pack of awesomeness that is coming tomorrow as July's Free with Pro lineup. 

Sure enough, I just got an email announcing the arrival of Just Shapes & Beats on Stadia, retailing for $19.99. Surprise, Stadia fans!

What's Just Shapes & Beats? It is a rhythm-based shooter set in time to a beat. When the rhythm changes, the world changes with it. Here, I'll grab some text from the game's Steam page to explain:

"Just Shapes & Beats" is a chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell based on three simple things: avoid Shapes, move to the kick-ass Beats, and die, repeatedly. It’s a new spin on the SHMUP genre, adding a layer of cooperation that’s at the core of the game: because everything is better with friends. Play alone or with up to four players, local or online, through the game’s Story Mode or Challenge Runs."

Speaking of Steam, Just Shapes & Beats has an almost unheard of 10/10 rating. 99% of Google users approve of the game. Metacritic is a darned respectable 83. Seems like people really like this game.

In other Stadia news, it was announced today that you can play Stadia on your phone with the Stadia controller wirelessly. Just hook up the controller and phone to the same WiFi, follow the on-screen instructions, and you should be good to go. Neat!