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Marvel's Avengers will be latest game to offer free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X

by: Rob -
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In what is fast becoming the norm, Marvel's Avengers is another on the list of games that will offer a free upgrade to the next-gen console versions if you buy it on the current gen. It's a bit of a no-brainer especially with sentiment trending wildly in this direction with various EA titles joining the group and provides a win for both the consumer who doesn't get punished having to buy two copies when moving up but also a win for the publisher in that they won't have a decent portion of the install base holding out on release for the next-gen launch. 

Having been so spoiled and embedded in the Marvel films the last decade or so, there is a bit of an uncanny valley thing going on with the character models from the game previews and glimpses that I am struggling to get past. But really the make or break will be all about the gameplay. If the teams at Crystal Dynamics, Eidios-Montreal, and Square-Enix can pull off the power fantasy of stepping into Iron Man's suit or wielding Thor's Hammer, then I am sure I'll quickly forget that the characters themselves remind me of the scene in Spaceballs where they capture the stunt doubles. 

Details on some of the improvements to be seen on the new hardware can be found on the Playstation blog. Specifics about the Xbox Series X, Stadia, and PC releases to come at a later date. Like all things Marvel's Avengers, Playstation consoles will be seeing the game, and the game details, first due to timed exclusivity. You can also check out the War Table replay below from yesterday's live event that is choice full of details on the game.