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July Free with Pro games announced for Stadia

by: Eric -
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Another month, another giant pile of games added to the Stadia Free with Pro program. At this point, there are far more games than I have been able to keep up with - which is not a terrible problem to have, frankly. Stadia games don't exactly take up much room in my living room, and they are always there waiting for me when I want them. So pile 'em on, Stadia. I can take it.

On July 1, four new games will be added to the mix for Pro members. As always, these games will remain free to players for as long as they remain Stadia Pro members. If you let your membership lapse and then return at a later date, your Free with Pro games will be there waiting for you.


We've discussed Crayta at some length here on Gaming Nexus (and we will be reviewing the game shortly after it arrives). Here's what the Stadia Community Blog has to say about this ambitious project: "If you like the idea of making your own games, Crayta makes it easy. Use intuitive tools to bring your dreams to life, then share with other members of the Stadia community and let them play. With State Share Beta, you can simply create a link within Crayta and share it with other players, sending them instantly into your game to collaborate and play. Crayta helps game makers of all skill levels develop games and also allows players to collaborate in building games together."

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

From the Stadia Community Blog: "In Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, explore a truly gorgeous animated 2D world. Absorb the powers of creatures and become a monster to solve puzzles, find secrets, and overcome challenges in this startlingly fresh take on classic platformers."

SteamWorld Dig

We all know this one! "Explore vast and secret caverns and uncover forgotten mysteries in SteamWorld Dig, the critically acclaimed platformer. Tunnel your way across a strange and fascinating Metroidvania-inspired world."

West of Loathing

"West of Loathing is a laugh-out-loud funny RPG from the creators of Kingdom of Loathing. Set against the backdrop of a bizarre Wild West populated with undead monsters and giant cattle, West of Loathing’s combination of wry humor and role-playing mechanics makes it an addictive addition to the Stadia Pro library."

And as a reminder, Elder Scrolls Online is Free with Pro until July 16. Grab it now so you don't forget!