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First gameplay video of Star Wars Squadrons

by: John -
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OK, this looks good. Damn good. And I am hoping, really hoping this game doesn't disappoint. EA Play showed off the first details and gameplay of Star Wars Squadron.

The single player story will flip back and forth between the Empire and the Rebellion. You'll be playing the story on both sides so that's going to give a nice cool point of view from each other's perspectives.

Online is the big feature with 8 ships available for you to fly. You'll be able to upgrade your ships abilities and visuals as you play the game so it sounds like you won't be able to pay to win this one. Let's hope that's the case and stays that way.

Dog fighting will feature 5v5 but the flagship mode is Fleet Battles. Sort of like Battlefield 2, the maps will change based on how well a team does. The initial fight begins with a normal dog fight. The winner will then move on to attack the other's medium sized capital ships. The final map is trying to take out your opponent's large flagship.

Graphically, the game looks incredible and with the ability to play in VR, you'll be really immersed in the Star Wars universe. And Crossplay should ensure there will be plenty of people to play with no matter what platform you're on.

EA Motive looks like they have a winner right here and we'll find out on October 2nd. Star Wars Squadrons was the highlight of EA Play for me and I have very high hopes after seeing what they have to offer at EA Play