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Crayta arrives on Stadia Free with Pro on July 1

by: Eric -
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Unit 2 Games, the development team behind Crayta, announced today that the game would arrive as part of the First on Stadia program on July 1. Like many First on Stadia titles, Crayta will be Free with Pro, meaning that any Stadia Pro member will be able to pick the game up and play it for free, as long as they maintain their Pro membership.

Crayta is a game-making game, allowing players to create and share multi-player games. A few more editions will be available for purchase from the Stadia store, but beyond the titles (Crayta: Premium Edition and Crayta: Deluxe Edition), there aren't many details on what these will contain.

There's an awesome interview on the Stadia Community Blog with Technical Director Andy Shenton which details a lot of the abilities that player/creators will have in Crayta. It sounds very much like players can start with some game templates, and then make small alterations to the rule sets to get comfortable. More advanced players will be able to write scripts, create full environments, and make their own rule sets. Its well worth a read.

At this point, if you aren't a Stadia Pro member, you are kind of missing out. It is quickly becoming one of the best deals in gaming.