Airborne Kingdom looks like the Game of Thrones opening credits in the sky

by: Randy -
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Looking like BioShock Infinite playing out in the Game of Thrones opening credits, Airborne Kingdom [official site] is currently setting a new beauty standard for isometric city builders. 

Starting off with a flight of WWI-era dog fighters, the polygonal landscape rises from a bed of Portuguese tiles. Names and locations are spelled out across the map you fly over. Day and night light cycles cast far-reaching shadows and light up old world cityscapes. Oars and fans and rudders push light-as-air fortresses through the skies, everything animated like stratospheric sea creatures high above.

Exploration and city management and man did I mention how pretty it all is? Like Endless Legend took to the clouds. You get to build up your domain from a single bobbing fan, up to a sprawling kingdom. Attract ground-side migrants from the clans below. Meet and trade with other clans to combine knowledge and technology. And you can change up your playstyle every game, since you're flying over a randomly generated map. I'm not seeing any combat in this video, which is a relief. Not that there won't be problems to solve, but hopefully they're not solvable with guns. Who knows what this looks like by launch time, though.

Airborne Kingdom is on a pre-purchase sale that ends June 20, but official launch is holding off until Fall 2020.