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Ghostrunner gets a new trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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I've had my eye on Ghostrunner for a while. Announced last year by studio All In! Games and publisher 3D Realms, it's a fusion of severel gameplay styles into one adrenaline-laced neon nightmare of speed, killing and death. In Ghostrunner you play as a cybernetic ninja climbing the Dharma Tower city, the last bastion of humanity in a cyberpunk hellscape. Your objective is to assassinate the tyrant Mara the Keymaster at the pinnacle of the tower, but she's going to do everything in her power to end you.

The game is a first-person platformer similar to Mirror's Edge, but with less emphasis on parkour puzzles and more on relflex-based push forward momentum. You must never stop moving as any manner of guards, robots and traps will kill you with one hit, but you respawn instantly, adding a very Hotline Miami live-die-repeat element. Ghostrunner is coming to PC, PS4 and XBox One sometime this year, and it's one of my most anticipated concept games. Check out the new trailer below.