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XIII remake arrives November 10th

by: Sean Colleli -
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Microids and Playmagic have announced that their remake of the cult-classic Ubisoft shooter XIII is coming to consoles and PC on November 10th. The original game was based on a very Bourne-esque graphic novel about the mysterious Agent XIII,  an assassin who wakes up on a beach with no memory of who he is...but is still lethally effective at his job. The game was notable in 2003 for mimicking its graphic novel inspiration with cel-shaded graphics and stylized comic panels for specific in-game events, like scoring a headshot. The remake has some of that same style but the flat, primary colors have been replaced with a lot more detail.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that. I liked XIII fine when I played it nearly 2 decades ago, but the shooting was just okay, and it was the art style that really made the game compelling. I'm interested to see if there's more subtlety on offer here, both in the visuals and gameplay. I'm also curious to see how David Duchovny and Adam West's portrayals hold up, as the developers promise they've remastered the original voice work and score. I need to talk to my brother about his feelings as well, as he was something of an evangelist for the original back in the day.

The XIII remake is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in both standard and Limited Edition versions, which comes with a metal slipcase, 3 art cards and 13 in-game weapon skins.

Paris - June 12th, 2020 - Microids and PlayMagic are delighted to announce that XIII – the remake of the cult classic cel-shaded FPS – will be released November 10th 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac. With this announcement comes the premiere of the first gameplay trailer filled with action and adrenaline, as well as some cel-shaded screenshots.

The gameplay trailer unveils the artistic direction chosen, especially the cel-shading treatment, trademark of the original game! Discover the new look of two iconic environments of the game: Brighton beach or the FBI headquarters ; and get a glimpse of some of the weapons and useful items needed to progress through the game, hinting of the different play styles. Will you play sneakily or choose the frontal confrontation?

While being faithful to the original material, the XIII remake is aiming to please the most sophisticated gamers of today. Players will also be delighted to know the team was able to remaster the original game soundtrack and the actors’ voices.

Play as “XIII”, the man with no identity fighting for his life while uncovering a vast conspiracy. Shoot your way through an intense solo campaign and challenge your friends for brutal multiplayer matches!


About the Story of XIII:

Who are you?
The country is still in shock after President Sheridan’s assassination.
You wake up injured and with amnesia on the shore of an east coast beach. The only clues about your identity are the number XIII tattooed on your collarbone and the key to a locker. Despite the memory loss, you realize not everything has been forgotten as you seem to have amazing reflexes comparable to a well-trained government agent. You will soon be on your way to uncover your past, discovering in the process your role in the murder of the US president and unveiling the most astonishing conspiracy in the country’s history.


Discover the content of the Limited Edition available as soon as November 10th, 2020

The Limited Edition will include:
    • The copy of the game
    • A two-sided metal case
    • 3 art cards
    • 13 in-game weapon skins

The Golden Classic Weapon Skins Pack (Pistol + Golden Knife) is a preorder item for all editions, at participating retailers.
Also shortly available for digital preorders.