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JETT: The Far Shore engages in the age old search for a new home among the stars

by: Randy -
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If you asked me what I thought the next game from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP would be, I probably wouldn't have said, "Oh you know, a science-fantasy space age action adventure with Below smallness and No Man's Sky bigness." I mean, I wouldn't have said that, but now I would say that about JETT: The Far Shore. Well, let me reel that in a little bit. Self-described as a cinematic action adventure, it's not going to have No Man's Sky's "bigness." But flying past some of those animal skeletons the size of shopping malls does make it feel like an enormous, low-gravity adventure.

It's been nine years since Superbrothers' last game (Superbrothers is the name of the developer and the game), and Sword & Sworcery's imagery still haunts me and a lot of indie pixel-art artists. Not to mention Superbrothers' devotion to soundtracking their experience, and making that game's aural effects be more than just an audio footnote. 

I like how it shifts from tribal plainsmen to space shuttle launch pad in the span of one breathy choral note. Where a small contingent of grasshopper-like spacecraft are lit up amidst smog and fuel-hogging rocket ships. Where your job is to carve out the future of a people pursued by "oblivion," whatever that might look like in this case.

JETT: The Far Shore is a PS4 and PS5 limited-time console exclusive, and is also coming to PC.