Nothing sparked more joy from Sony's show than Little Devil Inside

by: Randy -
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No no, give the trailer a minute. I do think Neostream's Little Devil Inside has some of the most attention-getting visuals from Sony's entire Future of Gaming presentation.

Little backpacking adventure dude drags a pale, toothy creature into a rambunctiously stacked reading room. A white-gloved butler appears to know the drill. Then we've got little backpacking adventure dude running through the forest, some winged, toothy creature hot on his heels. But this is the moment we start to see those compelling visuals come to light. We've got a rather polygonal fellow in the midst of rather lush environments. I like it a lot. 

He's climbing on top of giants, he's deep-diving into the ocean, he waist deep in gloomy swamps, he's...sandboarding on Tucan-beaked penguins down a Saharan sand dune? He's chased on a donkey running from a dust storm alongside hazmat-suited Jawas? He's drawing a forge-hot blade, lighting up an overpopulated bat cave? All the while, back in whatever passes for the "normal world" in Little Devil Inside, the white-gloved butler makes his way to the "Schmeat" shop, stopping for a polite bow to the cute flower shop girl selling hyacinths, tulips, narcissus, and roses.

It's a delightful back and forth. Once you get over the need to see hyperealistic next-gen graphics from the PS5 (and trust me, I have that same need), then there's something wonderful to be gleaned from Little Devil Inside. This somehow became my favorite of the show. 

Little Devil Inside is a PS4 and PS5 console exclusive for a limited time, and will also be available on PC.