This completely insane Red Dead video deserves an award

by: Randy -
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Some short films are too good to pass up. Especially when they're made with Red Dead Redemption 2. Especially when they're modded from hell to breakfast. Especially when YouTuber BedBananas is in the director's chair, single handedly making the most ridiculous, impossible, edge-of-your-seat movie I've seen all year—and I think we can all agree that 2020 has been the most ridiculous, impossible, edge-of-your-seat year of our lifetimes. 

The MODDED Wacky West, as the video is called, starts off with Red Dead protagonist, Arthur Morgan, falling from the sky, melded to a carriage. He crashes but inexplicably stands back up, and begins a mod-happy rampage that begins in the town of Valentine, but ends up with him eating some berries that morph him into a parrot. He comes back and, in three acts, the video goes from typical Red Dead shenanigans to a World War Z swarm populated with Lennys, to a tiny-horse escapade with Arthur's boss that ends with a Wizard of Oz-style hot air balloon escape, and a giant Jack in the clouds. 

It's wild. I mean, it starts out fun enough, but it just keeps going. Excellent work, BedBananas. If there was an Oscars for the internet, I'd hand you one of those little gold men right now.