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A Total War Saga: Troy will launch exclusively on Epics Games Store

by: Carter -
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Remember that scene in Troy where Achilles (Brad Pitt) defeats Boagrius in a single blow? That was a cool scene. 

Earlier today, Sega Europe and The Creative Assembly announced that A Total War Saga: Troy will launch exclusively via the Epic Games Store on, and it will be free to keep for players who download the title within the first 24 hours.

Troy plunges players into the legendary Bronze-Age conflict of the Trojan War, where they assume the roles of Achilles, Hector, and many other legendary heroes as they fight to defend the great city of Troy... or raze it to the ground.

"Thanks to Epic, we're able to offer a Total War title for free on its launch day. It's a hugely exciting thing for us to be able to do for our players," says Tim Heaton, Chief Studios Officer at Sega Europe. "Not only does this mean that we can bring the tales and legends of Troy to a wide audience through Epic's massive platform, but it also means new players will get to try Total War for the first time, experiencing the unique gameplay that the series is famous for."