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Borderlands biggest bundle yet is available for Switch today

by: Zach -
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Announced in the Nintendo Direct earlier this week, the Borderlands Legendary Collection is launching today on Nintendo Switch, marking the first time any Borderlands game has graced the platform. The Legendary Collection includes Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and almost every DLC ever released for any of the three games. Given that the series is new to the Switch, it's important to note that all three games will support online four player co-op and two-player split screen. Additionally, for the more adventurous aimer, the collection has full support for the Switch's motion controls.

With this release, Borderlands is rapidly approaching Skyrim levels of platform availability. Every major console now has access to multiple Borderlands games, whether it's through single titles, the Handsome Collection, or the newly minted Legendary Collection. It's hard to complain, though, because the Borderlands games are generally a ton of fun, and having them available to play on-the-go with the Switch could definitely be a boon when grinding out the perfect legendary.