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HP unveils the Reverb 2, will be $599

by: John -
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Today, HP released all the details for the HP Reverb 2 VR headset. Working in conjunction with Valve and Microsoft, there's some technologies from other headsets in the Reverb 2 to make this one interesting peripheral.

First up, the headset itself has the same resolution as the original Reverb, which is an industry leading 2160x2160 per eye. They are still LCD panels and they max out at 90Hz. So better resolution than the Index, but won't run as fast. Still, 90Hz is pretty good or smooth gaming. It uses lenses designed by Valve and they claim increased clarity and no mura. FOV is roughly the same as the first Reverb, which is 114.

There are now four cameras instead of the two of the previous generation with one on each side as well as the two on the front.  This should help with tracking the controllers on the sides a lot more, but I can still see some issues with controllers over the head and, of course, behind you.

The face gasket has the same materials as the Index and like the Index, it connects to the HMD with magnets. The shape and size is different  from the Index so you can't interchange them.

If you think the headphones are familiar, they are the same as the Valve Index, which are pretty awesome. So this headset should have great sound.

The controllers have been modified to remove the trackpad and include an X and Y button. The grip button is now analog so you can have different degrees of pressing. You can use the controllers with previous headsets and HP will sell these controllers on their own, but the Reverb 2 will only work with the new controllers and not the old controllers.

To stick to not having to plug the headset into another power source, you can plug the G2 into a USB port with the necessary power delivery like a Thunderbolt port or the USB-C port on some RTX cards. But, they do include a power plug if your computer can't deliver enough power over USB for the Reverb 2.

One of the interesting things mentioned is the length of the cable is roughly 20 feet. That's a lot better than previous Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

No word on release date, but pre-orders are going live for the US this month and will ship in the Fall.