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Nightdive releases new System Shock remake demo

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nightdive Studio, masters of all things retro remaster, have released a fresh playable demo for their remake of the classic immersive sim System Shock. This demo takes you through the game's medical bay area and unlocks all of the game's weapons for you to play with. Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick has a lengthy walkthrough/commentary of the new demo up on Twitch, which you can check out below.

A couple years back Nightdive's ambitious remake of this Warren Spector classic ran into trouble when the dev team let scope creep get away from them. They took an honest look at the situation, consulted their fans and backers to determine what they wanted, and refocused the project. This strategy seems to be working as the Shock remake is cooking along nicely, and we're supposed to hear more in June. Until then, you can grab the demo on GOG or Steam.