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The Elder Scrolls Online Stadia release date revealed - and its free with Pro! Plus: a new cinematic trailer!

by: Eric -
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Oh snap! I've been sitting here all day wondering if The Elder Scrolls Online was going to release today for Stadia. It turns out that, no, it is not going to release today. BUT...

The Elder Scrolls Online will release for Stadia on June 16, and will be free to play for Stadia Pro members. 

Obviously, there are a lot of questions that arise. With the Greymoor Chapter definitely going for sale, will the previous DLC chapters all be included with the free game? How much will the Greymoor Chapter cost? Will there be a way to pre-order the Greymoor chapter to get some cool goodies? Will progress made on PC be able to port over to Stadia? So. Many. Questions.

 Either way, this is very exciting news, and the Stadia community went bonkers with delight at the reveal. And dig the new cinematic trailer:

Here is the text of the tweet:

UPDATE: In the five minutes since publishing, more answers have arrived from Stadia. The Morrowind Chapter will be included as free content. Further, The Stadia version will be launching with cross-play and cross-progression from the PC version.