Blast from the past, Missile Command is back

by: Rob -
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Having already launched on iOS and Android, Missile Command: Recharged, a modern re-imagining of the classic 80's Atari title for modern hardware is releasing on PC and for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, and just in time for the game's 40th anniversary. Missile command is a simple concept but loads of fun, why it's been a classic for all of these decades since. The core concept remains the same, protect cities from a garage of invaders raining from the sky with an arsenal of surface to air missiles, timing the detonations just right to deflect the onslaught. 

Missile Command: Recharged will hit the Nintendo eShop and Steam on May 27th. The game will also come to the Epic Store at an as of yet undetermined later date. The game is free on mobile with a $3 in-app purchase to play without restrictions and is also $3 for Switch. The Steam page does not yet list the price but if I had to take a guess...