Riot Games' new FPS to release on June 2

by: Lee -
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Valorant, the new free-to-play shooter from Riot Games, has been making waves since the beta released earlier this month.  This closed beta will end on May 28 to make way for the full 1.0 version.  As expected, all data and ranks will be reset and any players who spent Valorant Points will be refunded.  For those less familiar with this game: think of a cross between CounterStrike's mechanics and Overwatch's aesthetic and class structure.  5 attackers versus 5 defenders with each agent having specific abilities and must utilize an economic system to purchase weapons or said abilities.

Although I personally haven't had the opportunity to play it, Valorant appears to be on its way to one of the most-played games of 2020.  In regards to stats and future plans, developer Anna Donlon had more to share in an ESPN interview:

"We have almost 3 million playing daily right now.  

I think we're really, really excited to see what's happening in Brazil right now. I don't want to say surprised, I think Brazil was a [region] we really wanted. In Brazil, we just felt the FPS community is so strong and we were really excited to see if they would like our game and stay engaged. What we're seeing in Brazil is really great. I'm delighted with what we're seeing in Brazil.

We're going to launch with a second [game] mode, but we're putting a 'beta' tag on that mode," Donlon said. "That's because we haven't spent any time with the community at all playing it. So we want it to feel a little more like, 'What about this mode?' instead of a hard commit that this is the second game mode in Valorant . We want players to play it with us and give us feedback. It's not [team deathmatch], I just want to clarify that."