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More details emerge for 2K's Mafia Trilogy

by: Kinsey -
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2K recently announced Mafia: Trilogy, a new collection that lets players live the life of a gangster across three distinct eras of American organized crime. Combined, the Mafia crime dramas have sold over 18 million units worldwide; now, for the first time on modern consoles, players can experience all three entries in one definitive saga.

Mafia: Trilogy includes:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition – The built-from-the-ground-up remake of the beloved classic;
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition – The ultra HD remaster of the fan favorite;
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition – The re-introduction of the award-winning narrative masterpiece.

Players who digitally purchase the trilogy prior to August 28 will be able to access Mafia II: Definitive Editio and Mafia III:Definitive Editio immediately on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, and will be able to download Mafia: Definitive Edition as soon as it becomes available on August 28. All three games are also available for purchase individually, with II and III available today and Mafia: Definitive Edition available in August.

Mafia: Definitive Edition—the centerpiece of this collection—is a comprehensive, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up remake of the original Mafia, complete with an updated script filled with new dialogue, expanded backstories, and additional cutscenes; all-new gameplay sequences and features; the same game engine that powered Mafia III’s best-in-class cinematics; and other enhancements.

Players who preorder Mafia: Definitive Edition, as well as players who purchase Mafia: Trilogy, will receive "The Chicago Outfit" bonus add-on content, which includes the exclusive player outfit "The Don," the Smith V12 Limousine, and the Gold Semi-Automatic weapon skin. Existing owners of Mafia II and Mafia III will be automatically granted the new Definitive Editions of these games at no additional cost, and those who own a combination of titles will receive special reduced-price offers via in-game menus to complete their trilogy.