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The Last of Us Part II console is embossed with Ellie's new tattoo

by: Randy -
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The Last of Us Part II isn't even out yet and people are getting Ellie's new tattoo from the game. It's a partial sleeve on her right forearm featuring ferns and a moth. It's not just a hot post-apocalyptic look, though. Ellie got it to cover up her bite mark from the first game. Though Ellie was immune to the mutated brain infection, regular folk don't take too kindly too see bite victims, thinking she could change at any moment—so the tattoo is protection against murderous-minded folks.

That's the inspiration behind this new Limited Edition PlayStation 4 bundle. Embossed into the console itself is Ellie's tattoo. I could be 100 percent wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen an official console embossed in such a manner before, aside from the words "Sony" and "PS4" on the front-facing part of the machine, of course. Plenty of skins out there. But this is literally cut deeper than skin deep. The Last of Us Part II appears both on the front of the console and on the touchpad of the DualShock 4 controller. Another low-key fern graces the right handle on the controller. 

It's a gorgeous package. I love it. Too bad Sony wasn't brave enough to leave the game's name off the console and the gamepad. Would've been flawless if they'd foregone that decision. But I ain't mad. Still a work of art, and I'm not the type of person casually going around elevating console design as "art."

The Last of Us Part II—and of course this Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle—launches June 19. My PS4 vanilla was a The Last of Us bundle. That's practically the only ones in stores at the time, it seemed like. Nothing crazy on the console itself, it simply came with the game. But it sure would be fitting for my upgrade to a PS4 Pro to be centered around TLoU Pt. II.