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More mooks will be sleeping with the fishes in the newly-announced Mafia Trilogy

by: Lee -
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Publisher 2K Games & Developer Hanger 13 have just announced what they've been cooking since releasing Mafia III and its later DLC expansions a few years ago.  Mafia Trilogy is set to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC (Steam/Epic Game Store) in the future.  While a full reveal is scheduled to be shown on May 19th at 12pm EST, they released a short teaser trailer today.

Although store details have been pulled, all signs point to Mafia I: Definitive Edition receiving a full-on remake treatment while Mafia II: Definitive Edition with be a remaster with all DLC included.  While Gaming Nexus didn't review Mafia's third outing, Cyril Lachel was a big fan of the first and second entries.  Here's to seeing Hanger 13 respect the legacy of the first two, while also re-evaluating Mafia III's strengths and weaknesses.  More details to come, so stay tuned.