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Rewatch yesterday's Xbox Series X presentation

by: John -
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A week ago, Microsoft said they were going to show gameplay videos for the Xbox Series X. Yesterday was the day and well, gameplay is probably a term used very loosely for what we saw.

There were plenty of new games shown such as the H.R. Giger-eque ScornChorusCall of the SeaThe MediumScarlet Nexus with their flowery monsters, and for dinosaur lovers, Second Extinction

We saw new entries in franchises such as DIRT 5, Madden 21, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, and Yakuza Like A Dragon.

Most were more cinematic presentations then any actual gameplay.

We were told Assassin's Creed Valhalla would debut some gameplay footage, but we didn't get that at all.

So, while we saw some great teasers for some new games, a lot of the gameplay aspect seems to have been lost.

In any case, there's a lot of good looking games coming to the Xbox Series X and some of them will feature "Smart Delivery" where you buy it on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X, you'll get the copy on the other console as well. Pretty cool.

We're going to get a few more of these videos so hopefully, Microsoft will show some real gameplay footage for longer than a minute when they come out. Until then, check out some really great cinematic footage from yesterday's presentation.