One of the most graceful sea creatures dons a mech suit to fight you in Bleeding Edge's newest update

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Ninja Theory's newest IP, Bleeding Edge, has been out for a little over a month now. And, as with most of its kind, this hero-brawler is receiving fresh content in the form of a new character: Mekko. He's a dolphin in a fish bowl controlling an armored mech whose vocal queues and commands are spoken via an onboard Japanese AI. Is that a little too much for you? Well, Bleeding Edge has a habit of making zany character designs. From a gameplay perspective, Mekko fills out a great role as being the first ranged tank. His aquatic theme stands out among the pack and his emphasis is more on providing temporary shields for teammates and harassing enemies from long range.

For those unfamiliar with this title, think of it as amalgamation of Overwatch's aesthetic and class system mixed in with a fighting gameplay template of Anarchy Reigns—but mixed with ranged attackers too. Although Gaming Nexus hasn't (currently) made a review for it, I personally had the privilege of reviewing it on VGChartz, awarding it a 'Great' 8/10 score in the process. I will admit I relate to the criticism of slender launch content, so it's great to see Ninja Theory addressing those complaints with Mekko and a panoply of new cosmetic items to acquire (with in-game currency).

For more info, here's a Ninja Theory-sponsored character guide:

Knowing the internet, I'm sure it won't take long for Rule 34 to apply to Mekko as well. For all other pertinent information relating to Bleeding Edge's latest update, including balances and new items, please continue reading.

As many of you know, the team made the decision to postpone Mekko whilst we focused on fixing bugs and improving the game play quality of Bleeding Edge. We’re so happy to finally say Mekko has now joined the Bleeding Edge roster! Our first ranged tank character with a unique block ability in place of a dodge, Mekko brings a whole new play style to the world of Bleeding Edge and we’re excited to see how the community adds him to their team compositions!

New Board: Techno Viking

Paint Job: Axe-hilarating
Paint Job: Discokill
Paint Job: Rave
Paint Job: Boogaloo
Paint Job: Stroboscopic
New Music:

Flashback from another land
The Streets
New Emotes:

El Bastardo – Prepare To Die
Buttercup – Spooling Up
Cass – Charleston
Daemon – The Victor
Kulev – Mwahahahaha
Maeve – Swing
Maeve - Hello Dearie
Nidhoggr – Duck Walk
Added: new option to adjust sensitivity for placeable abilities: Kulev’s Ward, Gizmos Vortex bomb etc.

Games in Progress
We've had a few questions about how stats and matches are recorded with regards to joining games in progress.  We know it can be disheartening joining a game on the brink of loss, but we believe it’s important to get empty spots filled in ongoing games to reduce the negative impact a leaver can have on a match.  To that end, we’ve made some changes and improvements in this area so that players won’t be penalised when dropping into a losing game.

• Your matchmaking ranking won’t degrade for losing a game you dropped into late.  However, it can still go up if you win the match.

• We’ve made an update so that losing a game in progress will not count as a loss in your player profile stats.  However, wins and all other stats (kills, deaths, damage, etc) will still be recorded.

• All matches are displayed in your match history, including games you drop into.  Games joined in progress are now specifically marked as such in the match history.

• You will always get rewards for completing a match, including a match in progress (including credits, xp, bonuses and mod parts for match completion) so it’s worth sticking with it!


Fixed: Fighters who are parried in the air now recoil correctly.
Nerfed: Oil Slick - slow amount reduced from 60% to 40%. Oiled effect now clears 2 seconds after leaving the area of effect (down from 3 seconds.)

Adjusted: Buttercup was incorrectly able to activate Burl without moving, and therefore regenerate health on the spot.  Buttercup now must be moving while holding [RT] to activate Burl.

Fixed: An exploit granting Buttercup additional speed if using Burl while entering bike form.

Fixed: visual issue causing characters to intersect when being carried by Buttercup's Launch attack.

Fixed: Blade Dance super now correctly hits stealthed targets.
El Bastardo
Fixed: An issue preventing El Bastardo’s In Your Face mod from triggering when performing Leap of Faith on an enemy in extremely close range.
Fixed: a bug causing Gizmo to lose all input control if Yanked by Buttercup while exiting Mini-Mech.
General Bug Fixes & Improvements
Improved: various changes have been implemented to improve performance across the game.

Fixed: an issue where players couldn't log in after leaving the game running idle for several hours.

Fixed: an issue when certain VO lines could cause the game to crash.

Fixed: a bug which resulted in “Push Ls to open chat” UI element showing incorrectly, overlapping the player’s health bar, and prevented lock on from working.

Fixed: several issues causing players to get stuck in Skygarden.

Added: End Game Rewards screen has a new animation to demonstrate duplicate mods the player is awarded being recycled into Mod Parts.  (Note that his has always been the behaviour but was not adequately communicated.)

Improved: Voice chat overlay now displays on all screens.

Fixed: An issue causing the wrong Fighter name to be displayed when first entering the Super Select menu. 

Added: Skins & boards can now be rotated using mouse click and drag.

Fixed: a bug causing purchase icon for manta board to be stretched

Fixed: an issue causing the wrong skin to display when switching from skins tab to emote tab.

Fixed: a bug causing boards to reset to default when clicking on screen, and then rotating the board using a keyboard.

Fixed: an issue preventing mod builds from being renamed with gamepad.

Fixed: an issue preventing board purchase FXs from playing.

Fixed: a bug with causing incorrect PC prompts to show in the boards and mods menu

Accessibility & Options
Improved: narration now works correctly for the team chat prompt; fighter select screen and in-game stat screen.

Fixed: an issue preventing the social panel from being narrated as empty if no friends were listed.

Fixed: PS4 button icons are now properly displayed when that option is selected.