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Manipulate time and befriend a cat in the upcoming Timelie

by: Lee -
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 Who doesn't enjoy spreading the love to indie games? Freshman developer Urnique Studio recently announced the launch of their new time manipulation game, Timelie. Some of its prominent features include controlling time like a media player (dragging left goes backwards, right goes forward) and "single-player cooperative" play where you control a girl and a cat simultaneously.

A mysterious girl able to envision the past and the future, trapped in a world where time flows and ebbs in strange and unpredictable ways. A cat, seemingly connected to the world, becomes her sole ally. Their connection spans time and space, and only through teamwork can they unravel the secrets behind where they are… and why.

Manipulate the unique Timeline ability to jump both backwards and forwards in time in order to unravel the mysteries of this surreal world. Solve puzzles and avoid enemies by planning your actions in parallel between the girl and the cat by looking into the future and glimpsing if your current course of action will result in disaster. Made a mistake? Just rewind time and try again.

Only through teamwork can the girl and the cat find a way to escape. But, they have time.

Timelie is set to launch on Windows PC via Steam on May 21.