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Borderlands 3 free update brings new content, reworks mayhem mode

by: Zach -
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Borderlands 3 has a new free update today, focused on a new content drop and reworks for an existing end-game activity. The Revenge of the Cartels is a new time limited activity going on from April 23rd to June 4th. It focuses on pitting players against Joey Ultraviolet, the leader of the Eridium Cartel. Players will have access to a new area, Villa Ultraviolet, in which they can fight against the different gangs of the cartel. There are three different gangs in the cartel, each with its own unique underbosses to fight. The new content also has a number of additional challenges which unlock themed cosmetics.

In addition to Revenge of the Cartels, today's update also includes Mayhem 2.0, which reworks the existing Mayhem endgame mode. Originally, Mayhem unlocked after completing the story, featuring three levels of increased difficulty which ramped up the loot drop rates. Mayhem 2.0 exchanges the original 3 mayhem levels for 10, with the tiers at Mayhem 6 or higher having a chance to drop any of the new 8 legendary weapons. Mayhem now features 25 potential modifiers, ranging from easy to very hard. These modifiers are mixed in different ways at each of the 10 mayhem levels, but are random at each level to create a more varied gameplay experience.

The rework to Mayhem was a much needed change, as it was definitely a hindrance to end game play in its current state. The expansion to 10 mayhem tiers with increasingly valuable loot should help create a more vertical grind for any players looking to climb through and get their hands on the new legendary weapons.

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