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Destiny 2's seasonal event pits class against class in the Guardian Games

by: Zach -
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Last Tuesday, Destiny 2 kicked off a three-week seasonal event called the Guardian Games. This Olympics-like event pits the three guardian classes against each other in a battle for supremacy. Whether you're a hunter, warlock, or titan main, you can drop into the game and start repping your favorite class to go for the gold. Each class has some new metallic class items and exotic ghost shells to better showcase their affiliation. The Guardian Games is available in the free-to-play version of Destiny, so anyone can drop in and get going.

The Guardian Games give access to a number of class challenges, new cosmetic items, and the games newest exotic weapon: the Heir Apparent machine gun. Although the Heir Apparent quest line isn't a known quantity yet, it's been confirmed that it will be released at some point during the Guardian Games.

Within the context of Destiny 2's living world, it's a little odd that Commander Zavala and Eva Levante are putting on a big shindig like this while a spaceship-sized battering ram is hurtling towards Earth. But then again, it's not like our guardians don't already have an odd relationship with death.

The Guardian Games event began this Tuesday, April 21st, and continues for three weeks until May 12th.