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New power-ups, world maker, and even the Koopalings come to Super Mario Maker 2 tomorrow

by: Russell -
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Super Mario Maker 2 is getting one final update and this is a big one. The biggest inclusion for some is the new World Maker. World Maker basically lets you create your own Super Mario game with up to eight worlds and a total of forty stages. You can design maps how you wish with a variety of settings, include warp pipes to warp around the map, and even include the extra life matching mini-game from Super Mario Bros. 3. Not gonna lie, this will definitely get me to put the game back into my Switch, but that's not the only thing in this update.

Also in the update are new items such as the Frog Suit from SMB3, the Super Acorn from the New Super Mario Bros. games, the Power Balloon from Super Mario World, and even a new type of Super Mushroom that turns you into your Super Mario Bros. 2 counterpart and lets you ride on enemies. Yep, Super Mario Bros. 2, in a way, is finally in Super Mario Maker 2. New box wearables allow you to fire cannon balls, unleash a POW block effect three times, become a Goomba, and fly with a Bullet Bill box. Finally, aside from some new parts, enemies, and a few more items, the Koopalings have made their way into Super Mario Maker 2. If the World Maker didn't convince me to get back into the game, the Koopalings definitely have as they're one of my favorite parts about the series.

The new update for Super Mario Maker 2 will available tomorrow.