Aesop Rock is Maj. Cigar in new video for Freedom Finger

by: Randy -
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It's only with deepest regrets and humblest apologies that I admit we've never posted about Freedom Finger before. It's a side-scrolling shoot 'em up where you play a dismembered middle finger. Well, you're the whole hand, but you're flipping everyone off the whole time. And that's the sense of humor at play in Freedom Finger. You already know what it is.

The real eye catching thing, for me, is the cartoon illustration style. While the ear grabbing thing, for me, is Aesop Rock on the soundtrack. This game has been out since September of last year, but Aesop "Largest Vocab in the Rap Game" Rock is a more recent addition that came with the April 7 Rhymesayers Update. Here's a sample lyric from "Drums on the Wheel" on the updated Freedom Finger soundtrack:

Nonstop until he stop and see what kinda quadrant he got lost in
Do you read me? That option when y'alls options are exhausted
I been dropped off in this mosh pit instead of locked into one orbit
Knock knock, call back or this cockpit is my coffin

Ahhhh, Aesop Rock is so wonderfully exhausting. He put up multiple instrumentals, and multiple full-length vocal tracks, all of which appear throughout Freedom Finger's gameplay. You can even pick up the 10" vinyl EP.

You can find Freedom Finger on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One—on everything, apparently.