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Stadia Pro goes free for everyone for two months

by: Eric -
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Phil Harrison, Vice President and GM, Google Stadia, today announced in a post on the Google Blog (strangely, not in the Stadia Community Blog) that Google Stadia Pro is going to be free to all consumers (in select countries, that is) for the next two months.

All new subscribers will get access to Stadia Pro for free for a period of two months, after which the $9.99 membership fee will apply (there is no obligation to continue). For those that are already Pro subscribers, the next two months fees will be waived.

New users will get instant access to nine games, including GRID, Destiny 2, and Thumper. I would assume that this month's free games (Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks), Spitlings, and Serious Sam: The HD Collection) are among that number as well. 

Harrison also detailed a new temporary feature that will default screen resolution to 1080p - an attempt to help with struggling internet bandwidth due to heavy usage during the COVID-19 crisis. Users that take umbrage with this lowering of resolution are able to crank things back up to 4K (but come on, guy, be cool). 

This is a pretty great move on Stadia's part, and will likely help more people get on board. At the very least, Destiny 2 players will likely find more people to play with for a while.

Instructions on how to sign up are available in the the original blog post here