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Commemorate moments of child endangerment with Death Stranding's new photo mode

by: Randy -
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You'd be hard pressed to find a more photogenic game than Death Stranding. You've got a beautiful cast of Hollywood actors, picturesque Icelandic scenery, and contemporary high-tech architecture. Now you've got photo mode to capture every step (every step) of the way in your harrowing journey to reunite a socially and logistically divided America.

It'll be great capturing action shots now, since photo mode naturally freezes time 360 degrees around your subject. The calmer moments in Death Stranding already made for great photo ops due to the fairly minimalist HUD. Photo mode, however, is going to capture all those explosions, particle effects, and 360 inward heelflips you pull off on your little hover wagon thingy. Your jar baby does not appear safe at all in this video. But keeping your jar baby safe is kind of the point.

You can even change up characters' facial expressions to ramp up the drama if you're not a fan of the stoic walking-away-from-explosions look. You can also jazz up the borders of your images to make them look like Polaroid pictures, post cards, or even movie posters—the usual for photo modes. I'm just a person that's rather stoked about photo modes.

Death Stranding launched November 8, 2019, on PS4, and makes its way onto PC on June 2, 2020, only two months away. Can you imagine the vaguely normal world we lived in just two months ago? Can you imagine if will be vaguely normal again in only two more moths? What a world.