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News Roundup: A Grotesque Vampyre Torrente

by: Randy -
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  • Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer of EverQuest II, demonstrates the Rise of Kunark expansion during SOE's New York Gamer Day.
  • WarCry features a World of Warcraft Guide to Pre-Raiding Tank Gear.
  • Legit Reviews goes over ATI's debut on the DirectX 10 market with the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Video Card.
  • They also put ATI and NVIDIA head-to-head by benchmarking Call of Juarez, one of the first games that'll take advantage of DirectX 10 gaming.
  • This week's installment of the Killer Betties' Casual Game of the Week features Burger Rush for the PC.
Thanks to Killer Betties, WarCry, AtomicGamer, and Legit Reviews for today's News Roundup.