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Splash Damage announces new Stadia exclusive

by: Eric -
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Splash Damage, the development house behind chunks of the recent Gears of Wars games, Batman: Arkham Origins, and the Halo: Master Chief Collection, yesterday announced that they are working on a new exclusive title in partnership with Google Stadia. 


While no details have been shared as far as what the project is, this is a good sign that Stadia will be seeing exclusive AAA-level games. In a statement on its site, Splash Damage said "we’re always looking to innovate, and always looking for partners and platforms that allow us to do just that. We’ve been huge fans of Stadia ever since it was announced and have been amazed by both the technology and passion for gaming that the Stadia team has."

With its strong focus on multi-player experiences, I am hoping that Splash Damage delivers a game that will pull more gamers onto Stadia. The platform is stable and works really well, now its just a matter of building up the library.