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Buy DOOM Eternal before April 3rd on Stadia, and get DOOM 64 free

by: Eric -
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Stadia today announced via Twitter that anyone purchasing DOOM Eternal on Stadia before 04/03/2020 will receive a free copy of DOOM 64 for free when it releases later this month.

 I have a copy of DOOM Eternal on Stadia, and I'm going to be attempting to play it with mouse and keyboard. I'm a controller guy to the core, and to be honest, I've never played a shooter with mouse and keyboard before. It's an experiment.

One often forgotten feature of Stadia games is that they are the PC versions. That means that mouse and keyboard fans can dive right in and feel at home. It also means that Stadia will be able to expand to more traditional PC type games in the future, and not miss a beat.


Gaming Nexus is playing DOOM Eternal for review, so keep an eye on the site for that. And I'll be posting updates to my mouse and keyboard efforts as I go, so keep 'em peeled for that disaster.