Faeria is coming to switch this month

by: Rob -
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So like many of you, I'm living in a bit of a Coronavirus hotspot and am working from home and practicing my social distancing. As a result, I started fiddling away with one of the free games off the Epic Games Store I picked up last month, Faeria. I'm only a few hours in but the game is a really unique take on the CCG genre combining not just deck building mechanics but also world building ones too. You see in Faeria, to defeat your opponent, you must first build a bridge to even get to your opponent. It's balancing this terrain creation with the cards in your hand and deck that make Faeria really stand out as something special, at least in these first few hours that I've gotten to enjoy. 

To my surprise, it seems Faeria will also be getting a Switch release later this month. While I was content to just toll away one my PC, I am thrilled to see the game make the jump to Nintendo's handheld, especially after the iOS and other mobile versions were pulled form the market a while back.

Faeria is a very fun game and deserves a mobile version so I can't wait to try it on Switch. No hard news on a release date but the trailer below does say cross play with PC is possible and the Nintendo shop site does say March 2020 so any remaining questions (like does cross-play also mean cross-save?) should be clear very soon.