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Modern Warfare introduces Solos to Warzone

by: Carter -
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Starting today, you can drop into a true battle royale free-for-all in Call of Duty: Warzone, as Activision has announced the release of Solos. 

Since the launch of Warzone, solo-survivors had to deal with the disadvantage of facing squads of two or three fighters. Now, the playing field has been evened. 

Which I'm delighted to hear because I came in fourth behind a squad of three and was livid. 

The basics of Solos are still the same: you'll drop into Verdansk with only a pistol and a few bullets. You'll still be pitted against up to 149 other players (and the collapsing gas circle). Although you can still fight your way back in via the Gulag, you can't buy your way back in Solos. 

As always, the last Operator standing wins.


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