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Two Point Hospital's Off the Grid DLC gets a short delay

by: Zach -
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Two Point Hospital just announced that it's newest DLC, Off the Grid, will be delayed about a week due to a crashing issue discovered shortly before its anticipated release date. The DLC was originally meant to be released on March 18th, but is being pushed back to March 25th to allow some additional time to fix the crashing issue.

The Off the Grid DLC appears to focus heavily on "going green." Players will get access to three new regions in which they'll have to research 35 new illnesses such as Green Fingers and Root Snoot. Some of the focus of the new content will be on creating green energy machines to power the hospital, so players may be able to look forward to some new power mechanics.

Players can pick up the Off the Grid DLC for 10% off with the Early Adopters program, which will be extended an additional week to April 1, 2020 to account for the delay in the games release. Additionally, it looks like there's a "Complete your Collection" bundle available on Steam, which can backfill any DLC's you may want to catch up on.

Release of Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid delayed by one week, until March 25, 2020

Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid sees PC players tackle new Green challenges, explore new exciting regions and cure more unusual illnesses, but fans will have to wait just a little while longer, as the release of Off The Grid and the 'Exhibition Items Pack' both move to Wednesday March 25, 2020. Two Point Studios ran into some unexpected issues while finalising Off the Grid, which means they will need a couple more days to ensure PC players can enjoy this new expansion to the fullest. The 10% early adopter discount will be extended until April 1, 2020 for anyone who purchases Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid from the March 25, 2020.