Nintendo and LEGO team up for Mario LEGOs

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendo previously teased Super Mario LEGO and now we have our first full look at the product. As always Nintendo takes our expectations and puts a spin on them. The new kits appear to be a modular Mario level of sorts, that use interactive RFID tech to communicate with a biggish-sized LEGO Mario figure. Depending on which pieces you land on, Mario will stomp enemies, collect coins, or even get his portly tush scorched by lava. The Mario figure is impressively expressive, with full-color LCD displays in his eyes, mouth and chest to display his status and mood.

The Mario figure honestly looks a little...weird to me, but the potential in the tech is promising and it's certainly not just another rote licensed LEGO product. Personally I would've preferred just another old kit, like the Minecraft LEGO sets, but this new approach opens up a fresh take on toys-to-life that could expand into Zelda or even Metroid LEGOs. For now I think LEGO and Nintendo should be cautious, lets they crash and burn like LEGO Dimensions.

So far there is no release window for these sets, but stay tuned.