Dogfighter -WW2- releases in North America

by: Rob -
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This F2P Battle Royale takes to the skies. Dogfighter -WW2- is, according to the press release, "an authentic dogfighting Battle Royale game where players can enjoy aerial combat with a maximum of 40 players with the real fighters that were used in World War 2, all while customizing their fighters using decal, skin and other items."

It's a PS4 exclusive and while the Battle Royale mode is free to play, there is also a single player DLC available for purchase form the PS Store. The single player mode has five chapters which all closely follow events from WWII and put you behind the stick of both Allied and German planes. The game is also Hotas compatible supporting the Thrustmaser T. Flight Hotas 4 for the most realistic dogfighting control possible. 

For more information on Dogfighter -WW2- check out the official site at or the Battle Royale mode trailer below.

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