Cyber-thriller Cloudpunk is heading to Steam April 23rd

by: Sean Colleli -
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It was only a couple weeks ago that studio Ion Lands announced that Cloudpunk was coming to consoles as well as PC in 2020. Now we have a release date for the Steam version: April 23rd. The PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions will arrive later.

Cloudpunk is tantalizing for me because I'm a bonafide cyberpunk nut, but also because the game seems to mysterious. We know that in the game you play as Rania, a delivery woman working for the semi-legal Cloudpunk transport service. The emphasis appears to be on using your flying car to make deliveries, but you can also explore the city on foot. I'm honestly just psyched to finally get to explore a fully-realized tech-noir metropolis, which a few games, like Deus Ex and Hard Reset, sort of allowed but not with this level of open-spaces freedom.