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Death Stranding is coming to PC and getting a Half-Life crossover for some reason

by: Randy -
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Death Stranding [Gaming Nexus score 9.5] is leaping like a headcrab from PlayStation 4 to PC on June 2. It's finally time for folks sitting at their desktops to be exposed to Kojima Productions' Facebook-like version of making America great again. By taking that one guy from The Walking Dead, putting him in the U.S. Post Office uniform of the future, and asking him to traipse across a dozen square miles of Icelandic photogrammetry, we'll rebuild an internet out of people leaving heavy packages and nice emails for each other and going through a whole lot of Monster energy drinks. Also, your mom is the President. All in a day's work in Death Stranding.

As a pre-order bonus on PC, you'll get a couple HD wallpapers (who cares), as well as in-game sunglasses, ball caps, speed skeletons, and armor plating in both silver and gold variants. It doesn't seem like much, but customizing your Sam Porter Bridges is fun, since you'll be staring at his over-encumbered backpack for many, many hours-long trips. But the PC version will also feature a photo mode, ultra-wide monitor support, and a higher frame rate than on console. Not to mention that the Half-Life game series is somehow making its way into Death Stranding. In the form of a headcrab hat for Sam to wear, if nothing else. I feel like these kinds of crossovers don't happen much, if at all, outside of the fighting game genre, nowadays. But with the launch of Half-Life: Alyx on VR this month, Valve's once and future king of shooters is once again a very relevant topic of discussion.

And I absolutely recommend you play Death Stranding, knowing full well you'll either love it or hate it. Play this Dark Souls of Walking Simulators. Play this third-person logistics and mail delivery simulator. It's paperboy but with Amazon Prime signing your checks. I'm not even kidding, you should play it. You may not be able to finish it. I don't think I did anything else for three weeks except plow through the metaphorically ham-fisted content, wiping sweat off my forehead in order to make the review deadline. But it's an experience I won't soon forget.

Death Stranding will be on Steam and Epic Games Store on June 2.

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