Vanquish re-releases on Playstation Store

by: Rob -
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This news flew under the radar for me, and even though I believe we do have a review coming, this game sits so fondly in my heart I had to tease the news that it's out: Vanquish has be re-released for PS4! There are two versions available for purchase, the game by itself for $24.99, and a 10th anniversary bundle with Bayonetta for $40.

Why do I love Vanquish? Well, because quite simply it was probably the most difficult Platinum trophy I ever received. Universally known as one of the toughest Platinums out there and gracing the top of most for difficulty you will find, beating the game on the hardest difficulty, specifically the final boss, is one of the most frantic fights I have ever had the pleasure of undertaking and the sheer exhilaration of conquering the challenge is one of those gaming memories that is truly ingrained in my psyche. 

Keep an eye out for the review of the 10th anniversary bundle, and for a blast form the past check out our original review by none other than Tina Amini (current Editor-in-Chief of Games over at IGN). More info about the Vanquish/Bayonetta 10th Anniversary Bundle can be found on the Playstation Blog.

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