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No Man's Sky update 2.3 adds living spaceships

by: Sean Colleli -
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Hello Games have just announced No Man's Sky version 2.3, the 9th free update for the game, which adds the new living ship class. This is a brand new, procedurally generated class of sentient starships that utilize unique organic technologies. These ships are accompanied by the new Starbirth story mission that explores the origins of these new squishy alien spaceships. You can even visit the space anomaly multiplayer hub, pick up the new Void Egg quest, and grow one of your own living ships.

Version 2.3 also adds NPCs that roam the spaceways, offering trade and mission opportunities, or outer space highway robbery if you aren't careful. These NPCs are joined by new mysterious space objects, both alive and inorganic, scattered throughout solar systems. There are also a handful of quality-of-life improvements and optimizations for PS4 and PSVR.

I started out with No Man's Sky at launch in 2016, feeling royally ripped off, but the redemption story of this space sandbox and its steadfast developers at Hello Games is nothing short of legendary. They've  basically made good on every pre-release promise and now they're just adding off-the-wall features like living spaceships and the Bytebeat jukebox, cool stuff nobody asked for, but that make the game richer regardless. I'm looking forward to the new NPC encounters and space anomalies as I felt that solar system exploration was one area that needed fleshing out.

Check out the new trailer below, and the full patch notes here. I'll probably drop another dozen or so hours into the game over the next week or so.