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The Division 2, episode 3 gets a trailer

by: Rob -
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Broken down into Episodes, the DLC content for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has been going on a steady drip for the last half year. The latest one takes us to Coney Island on the search for a cure for the virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. Releasing in February, the trailer below (after the age gate) goes on to describe just what you'll be up against with the Black Tusk. While you can purchase this content as separate DLC, if you own the Year 1 pass, you can get access to Episode 3 a week early. This is the final content drop of what's planned in Year 1, which started with the Prologue Battle for D.C. and then continued on through the three episodes covering the D.C. outskirts, the Pentagon, and now Coney Island, where the virus started.   

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