Next DLC for Metro Exodus announced: Sam's Story

by: Carter -
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One post-apocalyptic world just got a whole lot bigger.  

Deel Silver has announced the next Metro Exodus DLC, titled Sam's Story, which will launch 2/11/2020. 

Sam’s Story follows a former U.S. Marine and current Spartan Ranger named - you guessed it - Sam, who ventures off in hope of returning to his true home - the U.S. of A.

Sam departs from the Aurora to make his way through Vladivostok’s tsunami-ravaged harbors, ruined industrial buildings, and crumbling residential districts. However, to complete his journey, Sam will discover that he needs every tactic he has learned so far to survive, as his surroundings prove to be far trickier than expected.  

In this expansive sandbox survival world, players will experience another gripping storyline featuring new characters, weapons, and mutant variants in a huge, non-linear environment that offers hours of gameplay.