Noclip sits down with Hugo Martin to discuss Doom Eternal

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom Eternal is only a scant two months away and Bethesda and Id Software are finally pulling back the curtain to stoke the hype. Youtube documentary series Noclip previously did a fairly exhaustive look at Doom 2016's lengthy development history, and now they're back to discuss Eternal in a podcast with the game's director, Hugo Martin.

I know a lot of fans were salty about the game's delay from October 2019 to March 2020 (I certainly was) but now we have a clearer picture as to why: the game needed some serious balancing. Hugo Martin is candid about how the Doomslayer's new abilities like the flamethrower and meathook gauntlet let players breeze through enemies, which robbed the game of challenge and suspense at any difficulty level.

Hugo and his team had to take a hard look at the combat puzzle they created and make the demons much smarter and more ruthless, to keep players thinking on their toes. He goes into detail on some of the new abilities and counters the classic monsters have to really push players to strategize and use every weapon and ability at their disposal. It's well worth a listen, but be aware there's some salty language in there.

Doom Eternal arrives March 20th, come Hell or high water.

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