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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion now available on PC

by: Kinsey -
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Hoarfrost Reach awaits, PC hunters; Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now globally available on Steam, and ready for you to dive in. Featuring a new storyline, a progressively-expanding map, and a new Elder Dragon (Velkhana), Iceborne builds on the base game to offer a huge amount of new content. 

In addition to the new monsters and subspecies variations, Iceborne introduces a number of new gameplay aspects and mechanics to improve the hunters' journeys, including Master Rank, the Clutch Claw mechanic, and updates for all 14 weapon types. (Master Ranks are also encouraged to help Low and High Rank players via the Hunter Helper player incentive.)

The PC version of Iceborne includes a high resolution texture pack, customizable graphical settings, DirectX 12 support, plus optimization for FidelityFX CAS and upscaling. Additionally, mouse-and-keyboard controls have been revamped across the board to better suit the new actions and abilities on PC. To celebrate the PC launch, players can get access to two different item packs with free consumable items (though the first item pack is available for all PC players, the second is only available for players who purchased Iceborne on PC). You can claim these login bonuses by logging in to the game between now and February 5th.

For existing owners, the Iceborne expansion is available now as a digital download for $39.99. A Digital Deluxe version, including both the expansion and a Deluxe Kit DLC of cosmetic items, is also available for $49.99. For new players, the Master Edition containing both the main game and the Iceborne expansion can be purchased digitally for $59.99.